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Installing Linux , As a dual boot ....Just try it

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(Existing windows + Linux, if you really cant live without windows…!)

Pre Installation

The risk…..

In the installation of the Linux, the main issue is the partitioning of the disk.

The regular procedure in the Linux installation makes your hard drive a completely formatted one,

That means no any previous data with it and

With the Condition of a new Hard Disk from the store!

A Better way….

  • Use partition magic (version 8) software in windows and make a separate partition for your Linux installation.
  • Better to have 10GB for A latest version of Linux, But an older version may able with 4GB.
  • Make a new partition of a size as your need and format it in ‘ext3’.
  • Make a new partition for swap with the size of double as your RAM. (If you make it less spaced, Linux warns you, but can continue) and format it as swap.

You can partition the disk for a Linux while installation, but its little complex and may happen the above said, Formatting the whole disk.

Now you are ready for the installation…..

  • Select the CD ROM drive as the first boot device of your pc.
  • Insert the Linux installation disk (Some disks come with both Live and installation facility) and continue.
  • Follow the instructions step by step clicking one button at a time and select custom portioning.
  • In custom partitioning, select your Ext3 formatted disk as the mount point ( / ) .
  • Select the swap partition as swap (you will be given the list to select).
  • Allow the boot loader to be installed on MBR.

Now complete your installation with next steps…..

After a successful installation you’ll have a dual boot of Windows XP and Linux from the next restart….

Just try it.....

for more detail

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